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Q: How do I pay?

A: You can pay by using a credit card. It is safer to place credit card orders by phone.


Q: Can I return parts that I purchase?

A: Yes, Power Window Repair RH & A, LLC allows returns. However, there is a 25% restocking fee associated with returns. See our Policies Page for complete return information.


Q: Does Power Window Repair RH & A, LLC a provide a warranty on purchased parts?


A: Yes, in most cases Power Window Repair R H & A, LLC a warranty the parts we provide for you. We are able to do this by searching out and selecting only the highest quality new available parts for your vehicle. Restrictions do apply. Please see our Policies Page for complete warranty information.

Q: What is the regulator?

A: The regulator is the mechanism that is connected to the actual window glass. It's function is to move the glass up and down. It is also connected the motor and the door. There are several types of regulator mechanisms including a cable system and a scissor type system.

Q: Can the regulator be purchased separately?

A: In some instances yes, the regulator can be purchased and installed separately. Otherwise the regulator is sold connected to the motor.

Q: Why does my motor goes in the wrong direction?

A: The polarity on the plug is backwards. Reverse the connecting wires in the plug.


Please email us with any specific questions as we are help 7 days a week powerwindowrepairservices@gmail.com


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